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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Entries will be opened and to participate, Musicians are required to go on the website, create a login account with their details to officially enter the contest and then proceed to download a free copyrighted beat/instrumental provided on the website.

Successful participants shall receive emails confirming their entry.

Next is, contestants are then to hit the studio and record a dope record/ dong with the beat/instrumental and submit it to Ebase Africa through any of their social media handles , Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, with the hashtags #JumpOnTheBeat #EbaseAfrica. It's that simple.

Once contestants/ participants have gone through these, Ebase Africa shall subject the contents and songs to online buzz, critique and polls. The artiste who emerges with the dopest record goes on win a free ( all expenses covered) music video production plus TV promotions by Ebase Africa.

For more information, follow Ebase Africa on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn at Ebase Africa.

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